“1-2-3-4” – Raw Music x Free Footage

So inspired by my new #AstonSpirit mic! This is an improvised(ish) piece called “1-2-3-4” (made really quickly by layering one-takes in #Cubase ) and combined with free stock footage from generous creators in #Pixels (and a portrait by photographer Linnea Syversen), edited today in #Premier.

The Aether Trouble Music video is out!

Isn’t it awesome that Víctor González, the therapist / researcher in the film, is actually a researsher and that when he measured Pia Watson’s breath in the video, he ACTUALLY measured it, and that the collected data ACTUALLY became the basis for the visualizations by Olivier Lartillot, and that Pia ACTUALLY suffers from misophonia (not […]

Music videos for “Aether Trouble” in the making

Hello! I am editing a music video for the first time. This is because there is a video for “Aether Trouble” in the making, and there is enough material for ane extra cut, so I am editing number 2. I am learning so much! I have a new laptop now which I have called “The […]