Music videos for “Aether Trouble” in the making


I am editing a music video for the first time. This is because there is a video for “Aether Trouble” in the making, and there is enough material for ane extra cut, so I am editing number 2. I am learning so much! I have a new laptop now which I have called “The Red Temptress” (Den røde fristerinne) because of the lights from the keypad (I know, it sounds like the name of a pirate ship!). It is powerful. Yesterday I played with some functions in Adobe Premier Pro and almost overdid things a bit. I also made the soundtrack for the beginning by layering and tweaking some sounds and samples I have. Maybe it will be very tacky, I don’t know. It is a fairly new medium for me, so I guess I haven’t developed much self-doubt yet 🙂 I catch myself embracing many of the mistakes, making up film theories as I go, perhaps to solve my cognitive dissonances? But I’m sincerely liking at least some of the results. I hope I will have the perseverance to continue exploring this great medium more! I will release it some time this month, so stay tuned!

Here is info on the main cut, which is being professionally edited at the mo:

Pia Watson stars as a misophonia patient (she actually suffers from this condition) who goes to see a quirky researcher / therapist portrayed by VĂ­ctor González Sánchez (an actual researcher). How does she breathe while listening to “Aether Trouble”? VĂ­ctor collected breathing data during the shoot using FLOW Sensors from SweetZpot. Olivier Lartillot wrote some ether code to visualize this meeting between music and breath. Pianist Torgeir Koppang is in it too, as Pia’s lover. Cinematography by John Bentham, Morten Malerstuen, and Kristoffer Haugen. Concept / Story by Solveig, Olivier and Pia. Edited by Maria Isabel Gonzales. Produced by Solveig. Awesome help from so many people including Nicholas Blakstad Andresen, NaĂ­n Mendoza Fonseca and Sagar Sen.

Solveig, Pia and Torgeir in “Aether Trouble” music video 1
Solveig , VĂ­ctor and Pia at the set. No idea what we were talking about!

The second cut (mine) is just different. Much less technical, but with a pinch of magical realism.

Solveig, Torgeir and Pia in “Aether Trouble” music video 2