psy – music video

psy – film by Mali Galaaen Røsseth

Have you watched this film yet? The amazing Mali Galaaen Røsseth made this film for my song “psy”. I was really tired of the music and never really became content with it, but now I see that it makes sense in the film format. I am so happy I trusted Mali’s vision! The track is available on Soundcloud, but since it doesn’t really work as audio-only I will nor release it on other major platforms. Have a look at the film – it is stunning. I mean the part of me looking depressed is not pretty. But I think Mali has a special ability to see people and moods. Not an accident, as she comes from a background of documentary-making, See it? So poetic too.

psy – Mali Galaaen Røsseth

Om Song’s Blooms

This is an art film rendition of my music featuring flitting imagery intricately aligned with the texture and character of “Om Song” (2018) and the beginning of “Gnos Mo” (to be released later). French film maker Jean-Baptiste Decavèle really impresses! The film also features my dear beautiful friend Mira Zaki Bjørnskau, as well as art in the (un)making by Patrick Pleutin and the bird Le Colibri.

Tilda: Mira Zaki Bjørnskau
Lou: Solveig Sørbø
L’oiseau: Le Colibri
Letrait: Patrick Pleutin

Music: “Om Song” and “Gnos Mo” by PYSJ /Solveig Sørbø

Film: Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, all rights reserved
Production: La Licorne Sauvage Paris JB Decavèle

Video ISRC: NOOBV1801018

Find “Om Song” on your preferred platform:

“Gnos Mo” will be released soon.

Aether Trouble – Alternate cut

Alright, so I promised this alternative cut made of the extra material we had from the Aether Trouble shoot. While the main cut was professional and uncompromisedly correct, this one is just me editing on my own. Since I have so much to do, I figured i will never get back to fixing the sound at the beginning, which I find a bit tacky, or finely syncing image and audio. But hey, there are really nice things in here too, including some quite nice imagery, some dear friends that I admire, and some people I barely know, who lent their time to this during one of my legendary parties. Also it features the beautiful living room of my folks! It was filmed by John Bentham, and the actress is the great Pia Watson. The actual pianist Torgeir Koppang is pretending to play the centennial grand piano here, which is also the instrument in the recording. The actual singer (me) is pretending to sing (well actually singing, but you know, that is how you do good lipsyncing). So, in short, everything here is both real and fake. And, suffice it to say; it is what it is 

Thanks to Daniel Helland Hines, Agata Zelechowska, Ximena Alacron, Mila Ducheva, Velimir Nedev and Wilson Urrustarazu!

Also, in case you like the song, you can find it here:

Aether Trouble alt. cut. feat actress Pia Watson

PYSJ @ Sofar Sounds Naples – Le Scalze

Sofar Naples is great! They organized this concert in a great way, and chose the perfect space: Le Scalze, a baroque church that has been decayed by time, struck by an earth quake which took its roof and subjected to vandalism without having been fixed. It is a testiomony of the time of tooth and of human and natural history. Last November I got to fill this very poetic space with some of my slow beat songs.

“1-2-3-4” – Raw Music x Free Footage

“1-2-3-4” by #PYSJ Raw Music x Free Footage.

So inspired by my new #AstonSpirit mic! This is an improvised(ish) piece called “1-2-3-4” (made really quickly by layering one-takes in #Cubase ) and combined with free stock footage from generous creators in #Pixels (and a portrait by photographer Linnea Syversen), edited today in #Premier.

I think it is great to be able to share something that has not been processed a lot / imperfect / in progress. It is spontaneous and raw. I leav myself a little vulnerable by doing this, but it is great food for my creativity! Also maybe Philip Glass has been lurking in the back of my mind lately….

Videos / Footage by Videogrammer, KML, Pixabay, Vimeo, Engin Akyurt and Aryan Stock from Pexels – THANK YOU GUYS, great work!

Edited by: Solveig Sørbø

Composer / Improviser: Solveig Sørbø

Performed by: Solveig Sørbø