Our latest video is out!

Still from the music short by Mali Galaaen Røsseth

A hyper-real studio video made by documentarist and dream-maker Mali Galaaen Røsseth. Music: “Sun” and “Skyman” by Pysj.

This is the new Pysj. It consists of Solveig Sørbø (comp), Saleh Mahfoud, Torgeir Koppang, Leila Matta and Michaela Antalova. Jazz people think our music is indie pop, alternative people think it’s ambient folk and rock, world music people think it’s jazz and no idea what rock people think.

These two tracks feature the microtonal instruments yayli tambur and qanun along with funky rhodes, neo-classical / impressionistic modal piano, progressive drums, spherical guitar and soaring vocals. They are a product of a long gestation period crystallizing the composition and some studio magic breathing life into every bit of the sonic landscape.

Music by Solveig Sørbø with contributions from the band.

Solveig Sørbø (comp): vocals, piano

Saleh Mahfoud: qanun, elguitar/FX

Torgeir Koppang: rhodes, keybass

Leila Matta: yayli tanbur

Michaela Antalova: drums

Recorded and mixed by Sigurd Thomassen

Mastered by Björn Engelmann

Film created by: Mali Gaalaen Røsseth

Filming: Mali Galaaen Røsseth and Nabeeh Samaan

Editing: Mali Galaaen Røsseth

Find the music on your chosen platform: fanlink.to/sunsky

About Pysj: Linktr.ee/Pysj

Published by Solveig

I make things happen. Artist and producer for PYSJ Composer for Solveig Sørbø Producer of MusicLab Radio podcaster for Solveigs Speisa Musikk Manager for i love yellow and soursoil rec Communication and documentation for Barokksolistene

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