Gnos Mo – EP

So summer happened and I did not find time to post about my latest release Gnos Mo.

Gnos Mo is a hybrid EP featuring a gradual winding and raveling of Om Song, from the reversed version, back to the original and then to a “deversed” version, each track accompanied by a remix by some of  our most sought-after producers from the club-music scene.

“Om Song” (2018) is brought back and remixed by Sea Change who has draped it in her deep and irresistible beats. “Gnos Mo” was made for a French art film and features reversed vocals. The electronic duo Verde has made a transcendental remix of it that brings about a feeling of late night raves. In order to perform Gnos Mo live I learned the backward lyrics. This version became the sacral track “Gnos Mo (Deversed)”, which inspired Kim Dürbeck’s edgy breakbeat interpretation with its references to late 90’s rave music. The last track is Ukrainian Arctica’s dark ambient take on Om Song, which sounds like a damp and abundant forest. I am hoping to take the listener on a journey through both deep consciousness and wild dancing!

You can find the EP on your chosen platform by visiting

To enhance your listening experience I have made VISUALS! The audiovisual EP – AVEP as I call it – is a format I am exploring. It is different from a music video since it lacks a story, and it is more like the visuals VJs do for artists and DJs, only that it is a video on the web. The magazine Ballade premiered it and you can read what they thought about it here (scroll to the bottom):

And here is the avep:

Gnos Mo – AVEP

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