The Aether Trouble Music video is out!

Aether Trouble – Music video

Isn’t it awesome that Víctor González, the therapist / researcher in the film, is actually a researsher and that when he measured Pia Watson’s breath in the video, he ACTUALLY measured it, and that the collected data ACTUALLY became the basis for the visualizations by Olivier Lartillot, and that Pia ACTUALLY suffers from misophonia (not great in iteslf, but a cool application of the fact)?

Music video for “Aether Trouble” by PYSJ. Find the track on your plattform of choice: With: Pia Watson Víctor González (RITMO*) Torgeir Koppang (PYSJ) Solveig Sørbø (PYSJ) Cinematography: John Bentham Camera Operators: Morten Malerstuen (camera and additional cinematography) Kristoffer Haugen Lighting: Nicholas Blakstad Andresen Morten Malerstuen Breath data collection (using FLOW* by SweetZpot): Víctor González, RITMO* Visualization of breath data and audio: MIRAGE* and MIRtoolbox by Olivier Lartillot, RITMO* Editing: María Isabel González Story / Concept: Solveig Sørbø Olivier Lartillot Pia Watson Directed by: John Bentham Solveig Sørbø Consultant: Nicholas Blakstad Andresen Produced by: Solveig Sørbø Extras: The dogs Vips and Willy Special thanks: Sagar Sen Naín Mendoza Fonseca Turid Svensøy SweetZpot RITMO* Filter Musikk Thanks to F21 for letting us use their studio MUSIC: Aether Trouble by PYSJ Written by: Solveig Sørbø Performed by PYSJ Solveig Sørbø Torgeir Koppang Andreas Rødland Haga Stig Frogner Mixing: Stig Frogner Mastering: Björn Engelmann / The Cutting Room Production: Solveig Sørbø * RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion, University of Oslo. This work was partially supported by the Research Council of Norway through its Centres of Excellence scheme, project number 262762. * Learn more about the visualization technologies on the MIRAGE project website: * Data was collected using FLOW™ sensors from SweetZpot. For more information about this technology see:

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